medium porosity hair

Medium porosity is the most common type of porosity among Polish women. Medium porosity hair is usually rough to the touch, thin and dull. In addition, they tend to break along the length and split at the ends. They shrink when exposed to moisture. They dry very slowly, even up to several hours. Medium porosity is genetically determined, but it can also be the result of hairdressing treatments, such as dyeing or bleaching. How to strengthen and add shine to medium porosity hair?

PEH balance for medium porosity hair

For good condition and beautiful appearance of medium pores, it is important to maintain PEH balance, in particular not to exaggerate with the amount of emollients in care cosmetics. Focus primarily on PE (protein-emollient) and HE (humectant-emollient) blends. Therefore, in the composition of masks and conditioners, look for moisturizing aloe, strengthening keratin and regenerating oils, e.g. from plum seeds or avocado.

Medium porosity hair care

It doesn’t matter if it’s a shampoo, a mask or a conditioner – cosmetics for medium porosity hair should have the least aggravating consistency. Use a conditioner after every wash and a mask once or twice a week. Remember that medium porosity hair is particularly exposed to the harmful effects of high temperatures. For this reason, try not to style them hot, e.g. with a straightener or curling iron. If you reach for these devices, protect the strands with a special heat protection spray.

A gentle routine for medium pores

For everyday washing, use a light shampoo with a natural composition. Choose light, non-overburdening conditioners and masks, e.g. with aloe vera, urea or hyaluronic acid. Protect the lengths and sensitive ends of medium porosity hair. Do not keep oils, conditioners and masks for too long to avoid hair loss. Also, make sure to protect medium porosity hair with a shower cap when you plan to swim in the sea or swimming pool.