high porosity hair

Do you have naturally curly or wavy hair? Do you have a problem with frizz and static? Combing the strands is a real ordeal? You have high porosity hair. If, in addition, the strands have been removed, they are shiny and break, you can do it almost every time. We recognize that their care can be correct, but properly selected cosmetics and maintaining a routine are normal, so that the porosity of the strands decreases in the direction of the origin.

Above all, gently

Due to high susceptibility to mechanical damage, comb the strands carefully. Also, avoid tight updos and ponytails. Avoid high temperatures when washing and drying. It is best to use lukewarm water to wash high porosity hair. Dry the strands with a cool airflow. Also, don’t rub them hard with a towel. The elimination of styling treatments with a curling iron and straightener will also have a positive impact on the condition of high porosity hair. Give up dyeing and bleaching.

Cosmetics for high porosity hair

High porosity hair is likely to like masks and conditioners containing high-molecular proteins, e.g. wheat or soy. Look for emollients, such as black cumin oil or cottonseed oil, in the composition of high porosity hair care products. It is the emollients whose role is to protect the strands that should be the foundation of such hair care. Use humectants other than hyaluronic acid and flaxseed in moderation. Avoid coconut oil and butters like shea or mango butter. Use polyunsaturated oils with large molecules, e.g. from wheat germ, for the oiling treatment.

High porosity hair care

Look for cosmetics dedicated to high porosity hair, especially those with a high content of emollients. Use a mild, gentle cleansing shampoo every day. Then, apply a conditioner to the strands, which will make it easier to comb them later. Protect the ends with an oil serum.