hair care steps

Everyone is dreaming about beautiful and healthy hair. Many women wonder what to do to keep their hair shiny, strong and in good condition. It might seem that this is not an easy task, but with a little will and the right products, we can take care of our hair even at home. How to do it? It is enough to remember a few basic care steps that will support your hair and make you smile.


Many people are still unaware that impurities, dead skin cells or cosmetics remains on our heads affect the condition of our hair. Regular cleansing, moisturizing and strengthening the scalp also affect the hair. Therefore, this step in hair care cannot be omitted. Remember to apply the trichological peeling at least once a week, alternating with the scalp booster. Additionally, use a purifying mask with clay that will improve the elasticity of the scalp and restore its comfort and softness.

Our trichological peeling will gently but effectively cleanse the scalp and remove excess of sebum, thanks to the content of AHA acids. Moreover, the panthenol will soothe irritations. The composition also includes reishi mushroom adaptogen, which is an excellent antioxidant, moisturizes and smoothes.

The scalp booster is a product that will strengthen the epidermis and restore the correct pH of the scalp, moisturize it, and additionally stimulate the bulbs growth. The composition includes such beneficial ingredients as black cumin oil, saw palmetto extract and aloe vera.

A purifying mask with clay is the perfect solution for excessively oily scalp. Green clay absorbs excess sebum and narrows pores. Rosemary extract and tree oil immediately regulate sebum secretion, and the addition of piroctone olamine provides anti-dandruff and normalizing effects.

Activating humectant hair base enhances the penetration of nutrients from other haircare cosmetics, prevent drying and frizzy hair. It’s perfect as a base for hair oiling. Thanks to aloe vera and betaine moisturizes hair, while the presence of tapioca polysaccharides nourishes and stregthens them. Inulin smoothes and gives shine.


Washing your hair seems to be a simple activity, but we can also make some mistakes. First of all, remember to choose the right product for your hair type. Choose good formulas that will take care of your hair and provide it with the right nutrients.

In the so!flow range you will find a moisturizing shampoo for curly hair, a revitalizing shampoo for colored hair, coloring shampoo enhancing pink reflections on blonde hair, anti-brass purple shampoo for blonde hair, smoothing shampoo for hair after keratin straightening, exfoliating shampoo that prolongs the freshness of hair, shampoo for damaged hair that requires deep regeneration, shampoo for hair prone to frizz and dryness, shampoo for hair lacking volume, prolonging its freshness, shampoos for hair porosity – high porosity, medium porosity, low porosity – and shampoo for hair of all porosity.

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The washing technique is also very important – first of all, remember that before applying the shampoo to the head, dilute it gently with water and then start washing. Do not rub the scalp too much or scratch it – give a gentle massage and focus on washing the scalp. The temperature of the water is also important – it should not be too hot, and it is worth rinsing with cool water that will close the scales.


It’s an extremely important point in hair care. The previous step is to thoroughly cleanse the hair, while the use of a conditioner or mask is to provide the hair with ingredients that will make it smooth, shiny and nourished.

In this step, you can choosefrom two products – conditioner or mask, but both should be in your bathroom. All because the conditioner should be used every time you wash your hair, while the mask should be applied once a week. How do they differ?

The conditioner has a slightly lighter consistency and is suitable for everyday use. It tames and conditions the hair, facilitates detangling, smoothes and gives shine. The mask is a product that contains a more concentrated dose of nutrients, its task is to penetrate the hair and nourish it from the inside. This is why we leave it on the hair longer than the conditioner to allow the ingredients to penetrate the hair structure.

In the so!flow range you will find a nourishing conditioner and mask for curly hair, a revitalizing conditioner and mask for colored hair, coloring mask enhancing pink reflections on blonde hair, anti-brass purple mask for blonde hair, a smoothing conditioner for hair after keratin straightening, a conditioner and mask for damaged hair that requires deep regeneration, a conditioner and mask for hair prone to frizz and drying, a conditioner and mask for hair lacking volume, prolonging its freshness, conditioners and masks for hair porosity – high porosity, medium porosity, low porosity – and protein milk for hair lamination.

Our mask for medium porosity hair with a tendency to frizz received the prize of – COSMETIC OF ALL TIME. So!flow mask for medium porosity hair supports hair regeneration, strengthens and elasticizes it. Plum seed oil is great for caring for dry hair, providing it with nourishment. Avocado oil seals the hair cuticle, smoothing the strands, while squalane and macadamia oil give the hair elasticity and a healthy look. The composition also includes soothing panthenol.


Beautiful and shiny hair is not only care, but also proper protection against external factors. It should be remembered not only in summer, when we usually use products with UV filters, but in fact at any time of the year. Our hair is exposed to high temperature during styling, as well as cold, wind and solar radiation. External factors cause their drying, matting and tangling.

We have created five products to protect your hair: a protective mist, spray for curly hair, curl activator cream, a butter to protect the ends, and a heat protection hair fluid. The first products, apart from protecting the hair, will additionally support their styling – their compositions include UV filters, moisturizing aloe vera and argan oil. The butter is designed to protect the ends, which are exposed to splitting or mechanical damage. Its composition includes castor oil and coconut oil as well as cocoa and shea butter. The product can also be used for hair oiling. Heat protection hair fluid so!flow is a must-have cosmetic for hair exposed to high temperatures of styling tools.