colored hair

Caring for colored hair can be a real challenge. After hairdressing treatments, our hair become very weak, it can crumble and dry faster. It is also dull and lacking radiance and loses its firmness. Another nightmare of the owners of colored hair is the quick fading of the color, which makes it necessary to refresh treatments, and thus often weaken the hair with chemicals. What should we do to keep our hair shiny, bouncy and smooth for longer after coloring?

color protection

First of all, we should focus on cosmetics that contain ingredients that protect the color of colored hair. Such properties can be found, among others, in plum oil or blackberry extract – they not only protect the color, but also ensure proper hydration and revitalization of the hair.

hair care after coloring

The substances used in coloring the hair, open its cuticles, which causes its damage. In the care of this type of hair, it is extremely important to rebuild the structure and strengthen its bulbs to prevent hair loss. You will need proteins that will fill the defects in the hair shaft, regenerate and moisturize them.

It is also worth paying attention to the proper washing of colored hair. Specialists recommend rinsing this type of hair with cool water, thanks to which the cuticle closes and retains nutrients inside. Of course, it is best to do it with products that are intended for colored hair, because they contain ingredients that will take care of its proper condition, but also extend the durability of the color.

additional protection

You cannot also forget about the additional protection of colored hair, which becomes brittle due to hairdressing treatments. You should remember to strengthen the hair roots, e.g. use a scalp booster that will moisturize the scalp and regenerate the hair. We should also remember about protection against the sun – our hair mist will be perfect, as well as protecting the ends with butter.