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Modern lifestyle means that our body and mind are exposed to stress, fatigue and pollution every day. It is very difficult to maintain the natural balance of the body, but adaptogens will help in the fight.

What are adaptogens?

They are natural plant substances that are famous for their beneficial effects on the body, hair but also on the mind and psyche. They support relaxation, protect against free radicals and support the struggle to regain spiritual balance. Their most important properties include easing the effects of stress and increasing the body’s ability to adapt to unfavorable conditions.

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hair care steps

Many people are still unaware that impurities, dead skin cells or cosmetics remains on our heads affect the condition of our hair. Regular cleansing, moisturizing and strengthening the scalp also affect the hair. Therefore, this step in hair care cannot be omitted. Remember to apply the trichological peeling at least once a week, alternating with the scalp booster. Additionally, use a purifying mask with clay that will improve the elasticity of the scalp and restore its comfort and softness.


Washing your hair seems to be a simple activity, but we can also make some mistakes. First of all, remember to choose the right product for your hair type. Choose good formulas that will take care of your hair and provide it with the right nutrients.

In the so!flow range you will find a moisturizing shampoo for curly hair, a revitalizing shampoo for colored hair, coloring shampoo enhancing pink reflections on blonde hair, anti-brass purple shampoo for blonde hair, smoothing shampoo for hair after keratin straightening, exfoliating shampoo that prolongs the freshness of hair, shampoo for damaged hair that requires deep regeneration, shampoo for hair prone to frizz and dryness, shampoo for hair lacking volume, prolonging its freshness, shampoos for hair porosity – high porosity, medium porosity, low porosity – and shampoo for hair of all porosity.

Learn about PEH balance care that will give your hair exactly what it needs.


It’s an extremely important point in hair care. The previous step is to thoroughly cleanse the hair, while the use of a conditioner or mask is to provide the hair with ingredients that will make it smooth, shiny and nourished.


Beautiful and shiny hair is not only about care, but also about proper protection from external factors. This should be kept in mind not only in summer, when we usually use products with UV filters, but in fact at any time of the year. Our hair is exposed to high temperatures during styling. Cold, wind and sunlight also have an adverse effect on hair. External factors cause them to dry out and become dull and tangled.