hair after keratin straightening

Are you already after a keratin hair straightening treatment? Or are you just planning to have it done? Keratin hair straightening is currently one of the most popular hair care treatments, after which our hair becomes perfectly straight, on top of that it becomes smooth and bouncy – immediately acquiring a healthier look. However, in order to enjoy this effect for as long as possible, you need to follow a few important hair care rules. Take care of your daily hair care after keratin and enjoy smooth and shiny hair!

What is keratin hair straightening

The keratin hair straightening treatment involves replenishing the hair structure with keratin. Keratin is one of the main building blocks of our hair, so its deficiencies can promote hair breakage and general deterioration of the condition of our hairstyle. By introducing keratin with the help of high temperature, strands become extremely straight, smooth and bouncy, and our hairstyle immediately regains a healthy and radiant appearance.

Hair care after keratin

Proper hair care after keratin straightening is extremely important to maintain beautiful, smooth and straight hair. For daily care, use preferably a dedicated keratin shampoo, which will gently yet effectively cleanse your hair, on top of which it will prolong the effect of the treatment. Also, don’t forget to apply conditioner after every hair wash – the right conditioner for hair after keratin straightening should moisturize strands and add volume without weighing them down. Choose dedicated products for post-keratin hair and enjoy the effect for up to several months.

Cosmetics for hair after keratin straightening

If you’re faced with choosing the right cosmetics for your hair after keratin straightening, pay attention to ensure that their composition is free of SLS, alcohol, salt or silicones – these ingredients are extremely harmful to keratin and can contribute to its faster washing out. Instead, choose products that contain keratin. The addition of this ingredient will make you enjoy the effect of the treatment much longer. Also make sure that your hair is properly moisturized – the betaine content will positively influence the hydration and volume of your strands. It is best to bet on specialized products for hair after keratin straightening, such as a suitable shampoo or conditioner.