Modern lifestyle means that our body and mind are exposed to stress, fatigue and pollution every day. It is very difficult to maintain the natural balance of the body, but adaptogens will help in the fight.

What are adaptogens?

They are natural plant substances that are famous for their beneficial effects on the body, hair but also on the mind and psyche. They support relaxation, protect against free radicals and support the struggle to regain spiritual balance. Their most important properties include easing the effects of stress and increasing the body’s ability to adapt to unfavorable conditions.

Function of adaptogens

Their name comes from the Latin word “adaptare” and means “to adapt”. It turns out that these substances increase the body’s ability to fight civilization stress, pollution, and also accelerate regenerative processes. Adaptogens also have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair, thanks to their soothing, antioxidant, strengthening and refreshing properties.

The content of adaptogens in so!flow cosmetics supports, among others, the hydration of the hair and scalp, strengthens, tones and adds shine. An additional advantage is that these substances also care for the harmony of our mind, supporting the body in restoring its natural balance.

adaptogens in so! flow products

By creating so!flow, we wanted our consumers to receive comprehensive care that would ensure proper hydration, support regeneration, but also allow them to relax and regain their internal balance.

Our cosmetics contain such adaptogens as:

chinese astragalus

chinese astragalus


The root of this plant has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, and there are over 2,000 different species of astragalus in the world. It is rich in over 200 bioactive compounds, the most important of which are flavonoids. In cosmetics, it has a regenerating, strengthening and antioxidant effect. It also revitalizes and increases the skin's resistance to external factors.
golden root

golden root

rosea L.

Otherwise known as the arctic root, research on its operation began in the twentieth century, although it has been used in Chinese or Russian medicine for centuries. It has been found that this plant increases physical and mental performance, as well as increases resistance to stress. In cosmetics, the richness of phenolic compounds with strong antioxidant properties is primarily used. It is an excellent ingredient to fight free radicals, supports the fight against hair loss and accelerates their growth. Strengthens and restores elasticity.
reishi mushroom

reishi mushroom


The reishi breeding process is very demanding, but its properties are worth it. Rich in mineral salts, fatty acids and vitamins, it is a source of antioxidants. In eastern medicine, it is considered as a gift from the gods. Its properties include strengthening the body's immunity and supporting the fight against stress. In cosmetics, its moisturizing, smoothing and detoxifying properties are appreciated.