blonde hair

If you are a blonde hair owner, you know very well that your radiant look attracts attention! Depending on the shade, blonde hair can range from very light platinum to golden or honey blonde. Everyone feels good in a different color. But whether your blonde is natural, dyed, or maybe you’re considering changing to a lighter shade – it’s worth learning more about the specs of this hair type, its care, and tricks to help you add FLOW to your strands!

Blonde hair

Natural blonde hair is characterized by several features. First of all, they are much thinner and much more delicate than darker-colored hair, so even though there are more of them on the head of blondes than, for example, brunettes, their volume does not seem so impressive. Moreover, this type of hair usually loses water quickly, and this often leads to excessive dryness and frizz. In addition, blonde hair is also susceptible to external factors such as heat and humidity, which in turn can lead to tangling, splitting and damage.

Blonde hair care

Proper care is key to maintaining the beautiful color and healthy appearance of blonde hair. Regular moisturizing and conditioning help keep them soft and supple, while preventing breakage and dryness of the scalp. In addition, the use of dedicated cosmetics that support the color and bring out the shine of the hair can significantly improve the appearance and longevity of the desired shade. Try to avoid heat styling, and if you do decide to do it – apply heat protectant. Protect your blonde hair not only from the harmful effects of such devices, but also from UV rays – it is worth remembering to wear a suitable head covering or use protective sprays.

Add FLOW to your blonde hair!

If you are wondering how to break the monotony of your blonde hair color – you are in the right place! Products so!flow by Vis Plantis will add FLOW to your blonde hair.

You can choose from up to two lines, each of which includes a shampoo and a mask:

❤ line that gives pink reflections

  • intense pink pigments give blonde hair pink reflections
  • the effect lasts up to 2-3 washes – it’s a great solution when you need a change of appearance, but don’t want permanent and radical solutions
  • cares for hair and scalp – contains all PEH
  • smells of sweet raspberries and wild strawberries

💜 anti-brass line

  • prolongs the blonde dyeing effect
  • intense purple pigments eliminate yellow tones
  • cares for hair and scalp – contains all PEH
  • smells of sweet berries and currants